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Why You Should Read to Your Child

The Child Who Reads


The child who reads, or is read to, will hopefully become a lifelong reader. A child who becomes a lifelong reader will always seek to learn new things, explore new worlds, have new ideas. They will develop an active imagination that may someday lead to an adult who learns to create something magical or amazing in the future. 

Reading can open doors, windows and portals to new lands. It opens the skies to exploration of new worlds.  Children become curious of the world around them and the universe beyond.

The child who reads learns to cope in difficult times, they learn to fight for what they believe in and help those less fortunate just like their heroes and heroines do in the stories they read.  They learn to believe in possibilities and impossibilities, because nothing is impossible in a book.

Children who read learn not to judge others, but to welcome our differences, our diversity.  They can learn how to handle conflict, be peacemakers, and to not bully others. Books can teach character.

Anything a child needs to learn is already written in a book, they just need to find that book, be given that book and read that book now or in the future. 

The child who learns to read learns to see the possibilities. A child who opens the door to their imagination knows no bounds as to what they may create or do in the future.

The child who reads today will be a future reader who will use their imagination to create the future wonders of the world.  

Please give a child a book instead of a video game.  Books enlighten the mind, video games tarnish it and weaken it.  Read to your children. This opens the door to great conversations, laughter and learning moments.  It will bond you to them. 

Please encourage the children to read! Buy them a book, any book to get their imagination going.